Harry Kalas

1936 - 2009

Personal Memories of a Philadelphia Legend - Harry Kalas took time for anyone who needed a piece of him, even a start-up web site that he didn't have to interrupt his dinner to talk with.

"He's reunited with his Whiteness. He will be sorely missed." - mykindaguy
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The Life and Times of Harry The K...
How Harry Kalas Found His Voice - Paul Hagen looks at the young Harry Kalas through an interview that he did with Kalas about his youth.
Harry's Golden Moments - A timeline of Harry Kalas' career.
A Life Worth Remembering - Notes on Harry Kalas' life and career.
Rules Forced Kalas To Miss The '80 World Series - Why Harry Kalas didn't get to call the 1980 World Series.

Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn...
Kalas, Ashburn Had Rare Chemistry - The most popular broadcast duo in the history of Philadelphia clicked well.
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Harry's Colleagues and Friends...
Remembering Harry Kalas - Famous people both inside and outside of baseball talk about what Harry Kalas meant to them.
Colleagues Agree: Kalas Was A Joy - Those fortunate enough to work with Kalas remember him fondly.
Former Philadelphia Writers Share Their Memories - Former sports writers talk about rubbing elbows with Harry.
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Todd Kalas Remembers His Dad...
Final Meeting For Father and Son - Todd Kalas talks about the last time that he saw his famous father.
Todd Kalas Grateful For The Love of His Father - Todd Kalas has great memories of the man we all knew as Harry The K.

Columnists Remember Harry Kalas...
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In his own words...
Ode To The Fans - Harry Kalas salutes the fans during his induction into the Hall of Fame.